Gen Online Payroll Software: A Complete Solution for HR Professionals

In the modern world, being savvy is the only way for HRs to organize and deal with the enormous database of workers. In the line-up, SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Offers Gen Online Payroll software, a complete solution for handling all HR related works including salary estimations, daily attendance, investment details, contact information, individual information, leave and data management of employees. Gen Online Payroll software is capable enough to spare time, improve the productivity and efficiency of the association.

Working Procedure of Gen Payroll Software

Gen Payroll Software works as a bridge between the HR and the employees of the company. It helps HR for notifying employees with newly uploaded information which employees can access by their personal login id. Each employee posses a separate account authenticated via a unique ID and password. Other than this, the employees can also check account details, attendance and applied leaves on their dashboard.

User Name: AJAY
Password: 1234
Company Code: 01

Characteristics of Gen Online Payroll Software:

Gen Online Payroll program is bundled with all the updated features required for performing basic activities in the employee management framework globally. Here is the list of all the amazing features being provided with the Gen Online Payroll Software for performing HR management tasks:

Unique Employee ID:

Each and every employee is provided with a unique login ID and password to access the software.

Salary Information:

The software allows employees to have a look at their salary details month-wise along with the provided deductions and aids of downloading payslips and printouts.


The employees can check their attendance categorised on a monthly and daily basis along with the log details.


Rather than performing HR management tasks, the Gen Payroll is capable enough in maintaining several details such as insurance, mutual funds, and house rent. Also, one can download the mentioned information and use data while filing the returns.


The data management software allows employees to apply leaves (paid leaves or leaves without pay). Also, they can check the closing balance of their leaves.


An employee can claims different types of reimbursements from the software likewise conveyance bill and food bill. Also, they can attach the scanned copy of bill voucher as valid proof.

Download The Miscellaneous Details:

The employees can download several details relating to its profile like the estimated salary, annual salary certificate along with forms like form 16, 16AA and 12BA.

Easy Upload Facility From Software:

The employees can easily upload details like salary, attendance, and investment with any of the software versions, the desktop and the online.

Note: Any changes made in the mentioned field will directly be notified to the employer’s email ID.

Live GPS Tracking (Only With App):

Live GPS Tracking is one of the best features of this online Payroll Software which permits the company to track the live location of the employee in case of a meeting scheduled with an assigned client is destined. The features help in improving the productivity of the marketing teams.

Admin Panel (Only With App):

With the admin panel, the company has rights to manage, allocate, and track the database of employees’ daily market activities. Free Demo of Gen Payroll Software for practice.

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